About IMJI

Nightwear clothing is blooming its way through being mere clothing essential to a fashion statement. We at Imji Nightwear, have designed our product with absolute fine fabrics and vogue.


IMJI Nightwear is a premium and luxurious brand which manufactures high-quality sleepwear in Mumbai, India. In fashion, beauty is the eye of the beholder, but quality should never be a compromise.


At IMJI Nightwear we reinvent, reimagine & redesign our product to offer every woman the comfort & style she deserves.

Floral prints - Bloom your floral side

Floral print brings out the inner feminine and gracefulness in every woman. It reflects cheerful side of every woman.

Animal prints - Bold & Beautiful

Animal print has always garnered attention to express the ferocious or fierce side of every woman.

Polka prints - Rock those polkas

Polka dots even though depicts a vintage vibe, it can also be channelled into trendy and fashion forward styles.

Classic prints - Classy & Sassy

Classic prints can immediately take you to a happy and nostalgic ride making every woman feel the luxurious comfort.